DamExchange Protocol Basics 

The interface between two Draughts computer programs is implemented in a two layer structure. Layer 1 offers reliable interchange of messages between the two Draughts computer programs. Layer 2 describes the contents of the exchanged messages.

The layer 1 protocol can, in principle, be replaced by any protocol that is able to reliably exchange messages between two computer programs. However, to be able to communicate between two computer programs, they both should of course use the same layer 1 protocol.

In DamExchange, two layer 1 protocols are defined so far: the NULMODEM and the SOCKET protocol (IPv4 and IPv6). The description of the NULMODEM protocol contains pseudo code to ease implementation.

The layer 2 protocol (DamExchange messages) is fixed and independent of the chosen underlying layer 1 protocol. DamExchange is designed in such a way that it can be extended to future enhancements or changes.

For Draughts computer programs running in Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 a DLL (with accompanying header file) containing the layer 1 and 2 protocols, is available for download.

Design criteria for DamExchange:

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